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Roberto Musci
Roberto Musci - Biografia


He studied sax and guitar .
From 1974 to 1985 he travelled around the world for studying African, Indian and near & Far East music, for recording music "on field" and for collecting musical instruments.
He recorded LPs and Cds for different European Labels: Raw Material, Recommended Records, Victò, Lowlands, Island/Quan-go.

He composed & playing music for videos (Studio Azzurro), commercial spots (IBM, Bulgari, Levi's, Nike), music for dance (Los Angeles Choreography and Danc, Berlin Tanz Fabrik), live silent movies soundtracks (Der Golem, Vampyr, Phantom of the Opera ), poems (Italian actress Piera degli Esposti) and theatre (Italian comic actor Antonio Albanese).
He broadcast Ethnic music from radios (Rai, Radio Popolare)
He played in studio and live recordings with: Giovanni Venosta, Walter Prati, Claudio Gabbiani, David Moss, Jon Rose, Chris Cutler and Keith Tippett.