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Claudio Ambrosini
De vulgari eloquentia
per fl., cl., vl., vcl. e pf.

De Vulgari Eloquentia is the title of a book Dante Alighieri wrote to highlight the dignity of vulgar (or the "language of the people"), to uphold the dialect, which he found mature enough to substitute Latin and to become what is now known as the Italian language.
In 1984, when I was commissioned a new quintet by the "Festival delle Nazioni", I adopted this title with the same intention: I felt my own "vulgar" was getting ready to express my ideas. I am interested in instrumental research (and De Vulgari Eloquentia is rich in all the new techniques I had been developing since the late Seventies) and in building up form, particularly through the continuous transformation of "energy", as I call the tension set up at the beginning of the piece.
There is also an idea of "sonic perspective", making particular reference to the leading role of the piano; its sound - acting as a "front" of the ensemble's output - is constantly "coloured" by the other instruments, sometimes backing it, sometimes dialectically opposing it.
(Claudio Ambrosini)